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Cast Breakdown
3M, 2F
Run Time
90 Minutes
World Premiere
September 11th, 2009
Publication Date
January 31st, 2012

Critics Pick - L.A. Weekly
Nominee - Artistic Director Achievement Award - Best Ensemble (Comedy or Drama)
Nominee - La Fringe Award for Overall Outstanding Contribution to Theatre in Los Angeles - 2010
Official Selection - 2010 New York International Fringe Festival
Critics Pick - New York Observer
TUny Awards - Best Director
TUny Awards - Best Production
Stage Raw Critics Pick
Gia on the Move Critic's Pick
Lemon Lounge Teen Critics Pick
East Village Reader Critics Pick
Nominee - Broadway World Awards - Best Director (Local Production)
Nominee - Broadway World Awards - Best Featured Actress (Local Production)
Nominee - Broadway World Awards - Best Lighting Design (Local Production)
Nominee - Broadway World Awards - Best Play (Local Production)
Nominee - Top of the Fringe 2014
Nominee - Fringe Award for Best Ensemble 2014
Winner - Scenie Award - Corwin Evans - Memorable Sound Design
Nominee - Thirty90ne Golden Elephant Award - Best Actor (Scott Sharma)
Nominee - Thirty90ne Golden Elephant Award - Best Director (Wendy Gough Soroka)
Nominee - Thirty90ne Golden Elephant Award - Best Producer (Gregory Crafts)
Winner - The Encore! Producers Award - Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014
Nominee - Best Director - TUny Awards 2014
Nominee - Best Design - TUny Awards 2014



Garrett is an outsider with a secret. Constantly tortured in school and relegated to the social fringe, he just tries to get through each day as best as possible. The only bright spots in his life are his two friends, Bryan and Diz, and the place they all share: a wondrous game world called Haven. All of this changes, however, when he's noticed by the most popular cheerleader in school. Suddenly, things start to look up! He's in love, finding confidence and enjoying his daily life for the first time... until the past comes back to haunt him. Harassed by Nicole's angry ex-boyfriend, and forced to deal with his best friend Diz's jealousy and suspicion, Garrett's life will never be the same.

Friends Like These first premiered at The Sherry Theatre in North Hollywood on September 11th, 2009, It was produced by Theatre Unleashed, and co-directed by Vance Roi Reyes and Sean Fitzgerald. The production featured Matthew Scott Montgomery as Garrett, Ryan J. Hill as Bryan, Sarah Smick as Nicole, Sari Sanchez as Diz, and Alex Yee as Jesse. Stage Manager Erin Scott.

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