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"Yellow Means Caution" to have international premiere!

"Yellow Means Caution" to have international premiere!

​Excited to announce that my ten minute play, Yellow Means Caution, will have its international premiere at Short+Sweet Manila next weekend! This is the first of my plays to go up outside of North America, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've been in touch with the director, and hope to get a few pictures of the production. 

I'm particularly excited about this because Yellow Means Caution is one of my personal favorites. It earned a TUny in 2012 for Best 24 Hour Show, and has been published for the Amazon Kindle by Original Works Publishing as a part of their eTens series

Synopsis: Max comes home and finds that his wife, Loretta has painted every surface in their apartment bright yellow. Is it a bold style choice, or a sign that there's something amiss? (1M, 1F)

You can purchase Yellow Means Caution as a part of my first short play anthology, Up All Night, here on Check it out!

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