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The Nevermore Set

The Nevermore Set

I've spent the better part of the last week covered in sawdust and sweat, building out the set for Theatre Unleashed's latest show, Nevermore by Matt Ritchey! We open Thursday, and when you look around and marvel at how the space has transformed, take a second and think about how it was a complete mess (see cover photo above), only a few days before.

This build was particularly exciting because we started it off with a trip to the hardware store to buy the company a brand-new set of tools! For most of the company's existence, we've relied on the generosity of the more technically-inclined members to provide their own tools at builds or loan us their gear. No more. Now, the company has its own tool case, fully stocked and ready to go! 

This was all possible thanks to an incredibly generous contribution to the company by our soul sister and benefactor Felicia Friesema, in memory of her husband (and, I'm privileged to say, my friend) L.A. theatre and public radio icon Steve Julian. We plan to use the rest of Felicia's incredibly generous gift to tour our 2015 hit show, Sleeping Around, to another city (although, I guess not the New York Fringe in 2017). 

Thank you, Felicia. Without your generosity, I'm honestly not quite sure how we would have been able to pull this set off. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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