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"The Anniversary Issue" survived our first week at Serial Killers!

"The Anniversary Issue" survived our first week at Serial Killers!

This past Saturday night, The Anniversary Issue hit the stage at Sacred Fools for its first week of Serial Killers, and took it by storm. So proud of Graydon, Denise, Mark, Seth and Josef - they all did a bang-up job. Also, I'm grateful for Fools Corey and Sofia, the resident SK tech gods, for being so awesome and helping us make the show look great. Fifty cues for an eight minute show - that's not an easy task for anyone.

So what now? Well, we're back with a brand new episode this Saturday night at 11, picking up right back where the last episode left off! For those of you who missed the first episode, here's a recap.

Mild-mannered Kevin Connolly was trying to enjoy his tenth anniversary with his wife, but found it exceedingly difficult to do so because elements of his double-life as M-Pulse, the Eminence of Electromagnetism, a heroic masked vigilante, kept spilling over. After barely managing to keep his secret identity concealed from his wife while fending off an assassin disguised as a waiter, then dispatching a pair of park ninjas, M-Pulse and Stephanie found themselves trapped in a movie theatre by MegaHex, lord of the undead, and surrounded by his zombie minions. MegaHex's only demand - for Metro City's greatest hero to step forward and reveal themselves.

Kevin took a breath and prepared to unveil his secret to the world and his beloved wife, when suddenly Stephanie stepped up, announcing that she was, in fact, the renowned StarChild, the world's most powerful telepath and charter member of the legendary Justice Squad! Not only that, but she'd known about Kevin's alter-ego all along! Kevin didn't have much time to process his shock, though, for the battle was on! After successfully dispatching MegaHex and his corps of corpses, StarChild returned to her husband's side. Sensing his shock and distress at these massive revelations, she uttered one simple three-word phrase that carried with it a world of consequences: "We should talk."

What happens next? Join us this Saturday at Sacred Fools at 11:30pm to find out!

Celebrating with cast members Mark Lopez and Denise Nicholson.
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