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The Anniversary Issue returns!

The Anniversary Issue returns!

After an exciting, fun-filled romp at the inaugural Short+Sweet Hollywood festival, The Anniversary Issue will return to the stage on Saturday, October 8th at 11pm, as a part of Sacred Fools' cult-classic late-night short play series, Serial Killers

That's right. Serial Killers. Every week, five shows enter. Three shows leave. 

Here's how it works: 

Each week, three continuing stories face off against two new tales. 

At the end of the show, you vote for the three stories that you would like to see continue on to next Saturday night, where their subsequent episodes will then be pitted against two completely new storylines. 

Each week's serials could live on for weeks... or be quietly smothered in their sleep – it's up to you. But whichever pieces you vote for, one thing is for certain - by the end of the evening, you will be a Serial Killer.

from the Serial Killers website

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me, as Serial Killers is a regular hit factory, producing such notable new plays as Absolutely Filthy, Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance and The King of Kong.

I want to expand The Anniversary Issue into a full-length play. Now, I'll have the chance to do so in the kind of environment where I function best: a prolonged period of high pressure with ridiculously short deadlines and immediate critical feedback delivered in the cruelest fashion possible. Provided we survive each week, of course. We could get snuffed the first week. 

Ah, that's like delicious black, acidic, three-day old, reheated coffee for my soul.

My original cast from S+S will be returning for this run (thank you Graydon, Denise, Mark, Seth and Josef!), and not only will I be writing the rest of the show during this process, but in a direct violation of one of my own personal rules, I'm going to direct it, too.

Tickets are $10. Season Twelve of Serial Killers begins this weekend. The Anniversary Issue hits the stage starting Week 2, Saturday, October 8th at 11pm. Join us next Saturday, and let's find out if L.A. wants the next scene!

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