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"The Anniversary Issue" at Short+Sweet Hollywood!

"The Anniversary Issue" at Short+Sweet Hollywood!

Excited to announce that Theatre Unleashed will be presenting my 10 minute play, The Anniversary Issue at Short+Sweet Hollywood in September!

Short+Sweet, the world's largest 10-minute theater festival is coming to Hollywood with a three week season at the Stella Adler Theatre, commencing September 8. The program runs for three weeks and showcases the best local and international writing, directing and performance.

About The Anniversary Issue: It's Kevin and Stephanie's tenth wedding anniversary, so Kevin should be able to take a night off, right? Well, when you moonlight as M-Pulse, the Eminence of Electromagnetism, masked defender of Metro City, a night off isn't easy to come by. The nefarious super villain MegaHex will certainly see to that. Suddenly M-Pulse must fend off knife-wielding waiters, evade park ninjas, and figure out MegaHex's evil plot, all without revealing his secret identity to his wife! Join us, dear patrons, to find out what happens in The Anniversary Issue

The Anniversary Issue will be running during the first weekend of the festival, Sept. 8-11th. You can get tickets to the first weekend of the festival here

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