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Shooting with The Starving Artists Project

Shooting with The Starving Artists Project

​This past Wednesday, I got some new headshots taken through The Starving Artists Project. This is such a cool concept.

The SAP, lead by photographer Michael J. Bezjian, produces press portrait sessions and then donates the rest of their day to providing up-and-coming artists with low budget photography. They leverage the power of brands and celebrities to help the careers of Starving Artists.

I love it. The Project is based on a simple, philanthropic pay-it-forward model, where successful folks help support artists that are starting out, or in need of some help. It's a beautiful thing. 

While I was at the shoot, the studio was bustling. I was one of several actors getting headshots done this way, so this didn't have the usual "personal" feel of a headshot session. You had to show up and "bring it" yourself. But there was something exciting about that. 

I did three new looks, and I should get the pictures in about a week or so. Looking forward to seeing how they turned out!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about The Starving Artists Project, check out their website (linked above), or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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