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Jenn and I on The Fanbase Weekly!

Jenn and I on The Fanbase Weekly!

Last night, Jenn and I were guests on the geek news roundtable podcast, The Fanbase Weekly! TFW is produced by our friends Barbra and Bryant Dillon, who run an independent comic book label, Fanbase Press.

They gave us an awesome opportunity to plug everything going on at Theatre Unleashed, then we got to talk about the recent casting rumors for Spider-Man Homecoming, Jared Leto's approach to the Joker in Suicide Squad, NASA's Hidden Figures film coming this January, and the lasting impact of Jurassic Park's CG effects. It was fun and insightful all around.

It's awesome having such ambitious, hard-working, creative and inspirational friends as Barbra and Bryant (and new friend Claire!). They do some really incredible stuff with Fanbase, and I know they're going to go far with it. The books they publish under their label span a wide range of potential audiences, so take a look and maybe pick up a graphic novel or something. I'm pre-ordering Hero Hotel for my nephew for the holidays (and maybe a copy for myself while I'm at it).

Anyway, give the episode a listen below, or subscribe to The Fanbase Weekly on iTunes!

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