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Guest speaking for Surviving the Business at Cal State LA

Guest speaking for Surviving the Business at Cal State LA

​Last Tuesday night, I had the sincere pleasure and honor of being a guest speaker for a class called "Surviving The Business" at Cal State LA. It's an MFA-level course taught by my friend, mentor and former professor, Brad Lemack. 

Brad is an industry powerhouse. He's been a professional talent manager for decades, and he literally wrote the book on The Business of Acting (an absolute must-read for anyone considering getting into the game). During my senior year at Emerson, he taught me literally everything I know about what it means to be a professional actor. It was, and still is, my favorite class. 

Every once in a while, he invites me to come and speak to his current Business of Acting class and share the insights I've gleaned since graduating and striking out on my own as a professional performer. This time around it was a little different. I was speaking to 2nd and 3rd year MFA students, some with strong ties to the #LAThtr community - a very different audience than restless college seniors eager for graduation and matriculation into the "real world."

We had an incredibly intelligent and robust 90-minute discussion about theatre in LA, self-producing, why I co-founded my own company (with some fun anecdotes about how I met and fell in love with Jenn), and, of course, the current state of our community in light of the controversy around the 99-seat plan and Actors Equity. The students were intelligent and enthusiastic. I was impressed with their insight, and sincerely enjoyed our discourse. Looking forward to working with them around town!

Forgot to snap a picture with the entire class, but Brad was kind enough to pose with me for an arms-length selfie in the parking garage before we left. 

Thank you again, Brad! This really was my pleasure, and I hope I get to do this again soon.

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