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Conquering the Caves of Doom (AKA TU's Storage Unit)

Conquering the Caves of Doom (AKA TU's Storage Unit)

​I know you come here for... well, I'm not sure why you come here, honestly, but most of the time I try to share fun stories about developing new plays, or working on exciting new projects. But sometimes I need to share the mundane, because it's exciting to *me.*

This Saturday, a handful of intrepid TU folks managed to clean out and reorganize the company storage unit. 

I know that sounds boring as hell to you, but to me, that's a major victory. It took a lot of sweat and swearing (but thankfully no blood or tears), but the job's now done. AND we've even allocated a few items we're going to sell off to raise money for the company. So, stay tuned for that news!

Big thanks to Caroline, Lee, and Sammi for your assistance with conquering our personal Cave of Doom (located at Extra Space Storage in NoHo). 

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